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To maintain EN12021 standard for breathing air is not cheap and easy in the tropics for tanks fill no 1 to the last one at end of filter life.


Maintaining a dive compressor is very expensive in the long run, more so as the compressor ages after 2,000 hours or approx 2-3 years. All these costs will break the piggy bank later down the road. Dedicated staff is required to handle air fills and 30 tanks a day will need 5+ hours operation from a popular sized 200 liters per minute compressor.


Noise pollution and sensitive neighbors are another issues all together.


Do the complete math :  How much are the maintenance, filters, consumables, staff salary, electrical or fuel cost and major repair bill by year 2 and always maintaining proper European breathing air standard of EN12012 ? It will be approximately Rp18,000 – Rp 22,000 per tank air-fill at 30 Celsius ambient temperature using the small air-fill system most dive center uses. Adove figures are not the entire picture,  there is no investment returns or let alone profits for a 5-7 years ownership of the compressor.


If you are pushing a small P21 Bauer filter size beyond 5 hours, the 6th hour and upwards will not meet the EN12021 standard. By the 7th hour upwards you are at the risk of tainted air. The compressor filter system used by 99% of dive centers in Indonesia, are currently using NOT containing  the media capable of removing the very dangerous carbon monoxide. There is an increased risk there from carbon monoxide introduction to the processed air at the 1st minute of operation and more so with Honda powered ones.


Hyper Clean production air and cost efficiency for air fill operation comes with huge investment of equipment and expert know-how. This is the core capability and assets of Dive Sport at Sanur.


These are the parameters being monitored in real time with Dive Sport comprehensive and advance

Air Quality Monitoring System in real time.


Water Content in air,                                                                       >> Monitored using Dew Point Sensor

under 25 mg per M3 of air                                                             Real Time.

EN12012 Standard


Carbon Monoxide ( CO ), always ZERO PPM                         >> Monitored using CO Meter. Real Time.

CO removal is by using Hopcalite catalyst in filter media

Dive Sport standard is ZERO PPM, EN12021 standard allows 3 PPM


Carbon Dioxide ( CO2 ), under 500 PPM                                 >> Monitored using CO2 Meter. Real Time.

EN 12021 standard


Oil Vapor, under 0.5 mg per M3 of air                                       >> Verified with Drager Oil Impactor Test Kit

Prevention is by using double pass huge filters                          Before and after filter change.

EN 12021 standard


We do not believe in air quality testing per 3 or 4 months , we believe in real time monitoring.

From 1st hour to last hour of filter life, you are assured of the best breathing air quality in Indonesia.

We invite you to inspect Dive Sport air fill system and challenge its processed air quality to any air fill operators in Indonesia. Dive Sport processed air quality will be above all the rest.


Forget air-fills and compressor ownership dilemma and troubles.  Focus on serving the diving guests and leave the air purification to the professionals.


After 2+ years of a dive center operation or approx 1,500-2,000 compressor running hours, many dive centers air quality standard will fall apart.  Fell apart because many dive centers only repair compressors when problems arises and not performing proper preventive maintenance by the operational hours.  They do not realize it until someone complaint of frequent bad smelling air.

Its too late by then, reputation sinks down the drain and repair bill will get expensive


Above is our spent ( used ) PD-1803 filter cartridge from Lawrence Factor, which is an equal of Bauer 058827 ( with Hopcalite for carbon monoxide removal ) for filter tower size of Bauer P81. We prefer the LF ones due to a much deeper activated carbon depth, albeit it cost more due to shorter service life. This is from a Tower 1, which is the “dirtiest” air path in a twin filter system at initial air entry path, the orange colored section.

If one can maintain their compressor and factored in tropical temperature for filter life reduction to Dive Sport kind of stringent standards and could produce a spent filter as clean and as dry as photo above, which is a filter catrridge at end of filter life , your dive center have done a good job both mechanically and procedure wise. Break apart your spent filter cartridges and compare them to ours at its air entry path. Our used/spent filter cartridges are available on display at Dive Sport Sanur for inspection and comparison for you to benchmark.

We take pride to provide the best air possible and we do not skimp on cost for these important safety factor. Your breathing air is 1 part of the 3 part safety triangle for diving, so it is an ultimate importance for us.


 No, we do not do Nitrox. We do not believe the safety of continuos blending or partial blending from an oil lubricated compressor. Breathing Air with higher than 22% oxygen ( Nitrox ),  is not governed under  European Breathing Air Standard EN12021 because the standard EN12012 is only for  up to 22% oxygen.

EN12021  AIr Standard

Even US Military, the world most advance “Diving Organizatio ” under its US Navy Diving Manual – No 2  ( Page 10-10, Figure 10-3  and Page 10-12 Figure 10-4 ) explicitly stated OIL-FREE COMPRESSOR .


US Navy Diving Manual No 2 – Chapter 10 – Nitrogen & Oxygen Diving

Unless one owns an oil-free RIX compressor, making Nitrox using any oil lubricated Bauer or Coltri or L&W Or Alkin/Cat technically is an ethical violation if not a technical violation, if one respect the rules and safety. We do not also believe in waiting for Nitrox explosions to occur in Bali to show the public the danger of making Nitrox using oil lubricared compressor , there documented ones from abroad.


Case Study worth reading :

Nitrox Accident – Australia

Nitrox Accident – Canada


The British Standard  BS8478:2006 Breathing Gases Component Concentration  which governs any air with 23% or more level of oxygen, also  explicitly stated OIL-FREE COMPRESSOR must be used.


Dive Safe For Everyone

By Surya Prihadi