Dive Sport is the Wholesales and retails of dive equipments in Bali.

Our Products: Scubapro,  Uwatec, Subgear, BARE,  Luxfer cylinder  , BAUER Compressors , GoPro Cameras  and Accessories.

Dive Sport supported with certified Technician and  fully equiped service center and provide a good after sales services.

Our Location :
Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai No 25 B, Sanur – Bali.
Phone:+62361 – 283463 or 4492393.


Opening Hours:
Monday  to Saturday:  9 Am –  6 Pm
Sunday:  10 Am –  5 Pm

Scubapro  Service center :

Pertokoan Sanur Arcade Kav 7.
Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai No.535, Sanur Kauh, Denpasar Sel., Kota Denpasar, Bali 80228

Opening Hours:
Monday  to Saturday:  10 Am –  6 Pm
Sunday:   10 Am –  5 Pm

If you are looking for the leading brands in diving & snorkeling equipment in Bali, along with value for money and excellent customer service, Dive Sport is the place to come.






We are starting a new air fill services and tank rentals including on spot delivery around Bali Area(Sanur,Padang Bai,Candidasa,Amed,Tulamben,Purijati ,Pemuteran and West National Park).We are the One Certified as a BAUER PURE AIR Airfill center in Bali.


Inspection are welcome at anytime.

Our Hyper Clean production air and cost efficiency for air fill operation comes with huge investment of equipment and expert know-how. This is the core capability and assets of Dive Sport at Sanur and Singaraja.


These are the parameters being monitored in real time with Dive Sport comprehensive and advance

Air Quality Monitoring System in real time.


Water Content in air,                                                                       >> Monitored using Dew Point Sensor

under 25 mg per M3 of air                                                             Real Time.

EN12012 Standard


Carbon Monoxide ( CO ), always ZERO PPM                         >> Monitored using CO Meter. Real Time.

CO is by using Hopcalite catalyst in filter media

Dive Sport standard is ZERO PPM, EN12021 standard allows 3 PPM


Carbon Dioxide ( CO2 ), under 500 PPM                                 >> Monitored using CO2 Meter. Real Time.

EN 12021 standard


Oil Vapor, under 0.5 mg per M3 of air                                       >> Verified with Drager Oil Impactor Test Kit

Prevention is by using double pass huge filters                          Before and after filter change.

EN 12021 standard


We believe in real time monitoring.

From 1st hour to last hour of filter life, you are assured of the best breathing air quality in Indonesia.

We invite you to inspect Dive Sport air fill system and challenge its processed air quality to any air fill operators in Indonesia. Dive Sport processed air quality will be above all the rest.



Sanur Airfill center:Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai 25B Sanur-Bali.
Singaraja Airfill center:Jl. Raya Air Sanih, Gg Melati .Br Kajekangin.Kubutambahan.
Phone:Agus (+6281339277116)  Ari (08123804136)
Office Ph : 0361-283463.