MK 17 C 300

Our MK17/C300 regulator combines the new OFD technology with the sturdiness of our balanced diaphragm first stage.

  • The Optimal Flow Design valve (OFD) for reliable and high air flow, improving work of breathing compared to a downstream valve.
  • Diver-adjustable coaxial VIVA for powerful inhalation assistance and prevention of free-flow.
  • Diver adjustable inhalation control for personalized breathing effort.
  • Redesigned mouthpiece tube allows better exhaust air flow.
  • Available with either 232bar INT or 300bar DIN fi rst stages.
  • Engineered for use in cold water, polluted or harsh environments.
  • Consistent performance at all tank pressures at any depth.
  • The dry ambient pressure chamber provides better protection and performance.
  • The balanced diaphragm, prevents entry of water into the first stage mechanism.

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