Wetsuit,Gloves and Boots

Tropic Gloves

  • 1,5mm soft thin neoprene  gloves  for protection in warm waters.
  • Amara fabric layer on palm is resistant to punctures and remains soft when drying.
  • tropicglove

Delta Short

Versatile rubber sole comfy ankle boots, for warmer waters.  Slips on and off without zippers.

  • 3mm thickness with rubber sole for added comfort.
  • Very versatile, easily worn with adjustable fins.
  • For warmer waters, slips on and off without zippers.
  • delta_short

Delta Boots

An easy-to-wear zippered boot in  5 mm thickness, for temperate and cold water diving.

  • Zipper and inner gusset for easy on and off.
  • Toe and heel caps and fin retainer.
  • Anti-slip, non-marking molded sole.
  • delta_boots-us

Hooded Vest

  • Designed to layer with SCUBAPRO steamers. Easy to dress and fast drying, it provides extra warmth over the torso.
  • Available in 2,5/0,5 mm thickness
  • hoodedvest

Hybrid Short pocket

Unique Cargo version available with two large pockets, reinforced seat and designed to be worn over all types of suits.

New version available without pockets, best worn under a suit or with a rash guard.

Both constructed in 1mm durable neoprene with drawstring waist.hybrid_cargo_shorts

T – Flex

Convenient loop to attach our Hybrid shorts to eliminate ‘ride-up’ while divingsp_everflex_rash_m_a_2200

Profile Shorty 2.5

Designed and cut for increased comfort, the Profile line suits can be paired in multiple combinations to fit all divers and water environments. Elegantly cut and styled, built in durable and fast drying  nylon-2-sided neoprene overall, Profile suits provide maximum comfort at all levels.

  • 2.5 mm durable and fast drying N2S neoprene. N2S, nylon-2-sided neoprene, is nylon laminated on both sides of the neoprene foam, the classic material to build all-rounders, rental and tropical water wetsuits.
  • Back zipper for great ergonomic look and fit.
  • Flat-seam construction for comfortable and non-chafing wear.  Flat seam construction provides a stitching pattern that is the most comfortable against your skin yet still strong and flexible on warm water suits.
  • Extremely comfortable raw cut collar neck line for unprecedented comfort compared to traditional tight & pulling roll seam collars.
  • Men’s and women’s dedicated sizes and colours.mens_profile_2_5_037

Profile 0.5

Ultra thin 0.5 mm neoprene steamers for extreme comfort as a tropical water suit or as an extra under layer in a standard suit.

  • 0.5 mm nylon neoprene outside for durability and Silverskin inside for easy wear. Silverskin is an ultra-smooth interior finish. It consists of a cell finish with ‘metalite’ coating for extra warmth retention. It dries fast and seals extremely well.  It is also used on hood and glove interiors.
  • Non-chaffing flat seams for insured comfort directly against your skin.  Flat seam construction is a stitching pattern that provides comfort, strength and flexibility on warm water suits.
  • Thumb and foot straps, for added convenience.
  • Back zipper for great ergonomic look and fit in men’s and women’s dedicated sizes and colours or all-black front-zip version.mens_profile_0_5_178

Profile 3/2

Our profile family of steamers offers a perfect blend of style and function.  Available in 3/2 mm thickness, in men’s and women’s sizes.

  • Back zipper steamer for good water sealing and great ergonomic look and fit.
  • Smooth-cut collar neck line provides unprecedented comfort compared to traditional roll edged collars.
  • Double blind stitched outer seams and single blind stitched inner seams for durability and comfort.
  • Metal main zipper slider is sturdy yet easy to operate.
  • Nylon webbing thumb loop at base of all back zippers for easy donning.
  • Integrated tatex Kneepads offer abrasion resistance.scubapro3290_copy

Thermal Tec

A serious suit for serious divers. The perfect combination of advanced materials and thoughtful construction for outstanding durability, comfort, and protection.

  • Available in 5mm thickness.
  • Fast-drying N2S neoprene on main panels of suit.
  • Non-porous Fairskin material on external torso panel facilitates quick drying and helps prevent evaporative heat loss.
  • Heliospan material on internal torso for added warmth.
  • EverFlex stretch panels on stressed locations provide extra flexibility.
  • Raw-cut collar for unprecedented comfort.
  • Gusseted zippers on wrist and ankles facilitate easy donning and ensure a virtually watertight seal.
  • Double blind-stitched seams for comfort and durability.
  • Nylon thumb loop at base of back zipper.
  • Metal main zipper slider for durability and ease of operation.thermal-tec-man