Pressure gauge

  • Scale: 400bar for 200 & 300bar tanks
  • Spiral mechanism
  • With swivel and high pressure hose
  • High visibility dial
  • Super compact design
  • Swiss design
  • Sturdy and reliable measuring instrument
  • console gauges

console 3

  • Scale: 400bar for 200 & 300bar tanks
  • Spiral mechanism
  • Precision depth gauge to 60m
  • Maximum depth indicator
  • With swivel and high pressure hose
  • High visibility dial
  • With integrated compass
  • console3

Console 2 inline

This lightweight and compact boot accommodates a pressure gauge and a depth gauge. Great as a primary or back-up instrument for recreational or more experienced divers.

  • Ergonomic design and soft features: easy to handle even when wearing thick gloves
  • Optional C-1 compass
  • Loop on case to attach a safety lanyard
  • console2

Rental Fullfoot

An extremely durable 2-material full foot fin, suitable for intensive use, a favorite of dive centers and resorts.

Full foot fin

2-component construction

Medium stiffness

1.36 hg/ 3lb weihgt

Extremely durable

Sizes: 2XS to 2XLRental ff

Stream Pro Apnea Fin

Basic Rental School Freediving Fin


Drift BCD


Adjustable BC with wrap-around bladder, perfect for recreational diving and durable enough for diving schools.


  • Front adjustable system
  • Integrated drop-weight pockets
  • Made in N 42 0D
  • Nylon type pockets/straps
  • Standard inflator
  • Padded back pack & cummerbund
  • Adjustable chest strap, for best fit
  • Standard strap with lightweight buckle tank band
  • 3 dump valves
  • 5 plastic D-rings
  • 3 knife grommets
  • Durable, all-around adjustable BC
  • Lift capacity: 34 lb / 15 l
  • Sizes: XS-XL
  • Weight for size M: 2.96 kg / 6.53 lb


Aruba Octopus

Aruba Octopus

  • Robust downstream valve second stage □with left/right hose attachment in yellow for easy recognition and secure handling

SUBGEAR regulators incorporate expert engineering with high quality components and new innovative design, for reliable and safe diving. Manufactured in Europe for exceptional quality and breathing performance, our regulators offer a 30-year limited original owner’s warranty. All systems available in both DIN and INT configurations and with highly flexible AIRFLEX hoses.



  • A classic downstream piston first stage for consistent breathing and easy maintenance
  • Classic downstream valve second stage with left/right hose attachment makes Aruba a great recreational, worry free regulator