Princetown Tec Miniwave Led

The Miniwave LED is a compact version of the Shockwave LED.  Designed for the diver who wants to streamline their gear and still get the performance Princeton Tec is known for.  The Miniwave LED is the perfect light for a wide range of diving.

Triple Maxbright LED bulbs allow you to set this dive light to super light or low settings at the flick of the 2 way switch. LED’s are virtually indestructable and have a lifetime of up to 10,000 hours!
The Miniwave is waterproof for up to 100 meters and has a lifetime guarantee! Takes 4-C Cell Batteries (included)


  • Power: 9 Watts/ 150 Lumens
  • Lamp: 3 Max Bright 3 Wat Led’s
  • Batteries: 4 C Cell Alkaline
  • Burn Time: Up to 10 hours (on low beam setting)
  • Weight: 950g (1.4 lbs)
  • Depth Rated: 330 Feet (100M)

UK Light C 4 led

The C4 eLED® waterproof light is our lightest weight primary light. It is designed to fit smaller hands while still offering brightness comparable to lights twice its size. Its water-cooled heat sink actually increases brightness underwater and improves burn time. For maximum illumination and a comfortable fit, the C4 is the perfect solution


Dimensions (L W H): 6.80 in x 5.60 in x 3.20 in

17.27 cm x 14.22 cm x 8.13 cm
Lights Subcategory: Waterproof
Battery Type: Alkaline Disposable / Rechargeable
Lamp Type: eLED
Battery Description: 4C Alkaline / LR14
Burn Time (Alkaline): 8 hrs (high) / 15.8 hrs (low)
Light Output (Alkaline): 275 lm (high)  /  190 lm (low)
Weight: 25.00 oz

708.74 g
Beam Distance: 330.00 ft (high)  /  305.00 ft (low)

100.58 m (high)  /  92.96 m (low)
Enclosure Protection: IP68
Depth Rating: 500.00 ft

152.40 m
Dive Lights: Primary Dive

Nova 230

The Nova Light 230 from Scubapro is a super powerful LED light with an output of 250 lumens and a burn time of 18 to 20 hours.
A great scuba torch as it can be taken to a depth of up to 120 metres.
– 250 lumen
– Colour temperature of 6000 – 8000 kelvin
– Beam divergence 9 – 10 degress
– Burn time of 18 to 20 hours
– Constant current control circuit which provides the same brightness over the whole burn time, rather than dimming towards the end
– 3 x C cells. Not included.
– Maximum depth of 120m